The ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) and its Function

When you are listening to a broadcast, watching a video or hear people mention that “THEY” are manipulating the market….”THEY” are controlling the banks…”They, They, They”!!

Well I have asked, “Who are THEY?” and I have answered my own question.  The ESF is the “THEY” and when you watch and listen to the 5 videos following, you might be surprised at the extent “THEY” are involved in everything.

Rob Kirby with Kirby, brought this information to my attention.  So when you hear people mention that “THEY” are in control and that “THEY” are manipulating this and that…replace the word “THEY” with “ESF” and it all starts to make sense!!

The source website for these videos is, search on the right hand side and look for “What I have been afraid to blog about” and you will find the original posting.

Please listen to the following and decide for yourself…