Why Visit 9999 Pure

Welcome to 9999pure.com…

I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the content interesting and informative.  The intent of this website is to provide a location to obtain information to help you make informed decisions when it comes to considering Precious Metals in your portfolio, or better yet, in your hands!

I have wandered around the internet since 2000 and have narrowed it down to a few people and places I regularly visit to keep informed as to the markets, commodities and sourcing bullion for purchasing.

I will always add to this list and modify it as required to provide the most up-to-date and informative information for your review and research, so you can pursue Precious Metals with confidence.

I am receptive to your thoughts and opinions and with your thoughtful and informative feedback, the content of this website with improve accordingly.

I have been a Gold/Silver Bug since the early 2000’s when the Dot.com bubble happened and I was appalled as to how fraudulent and misleading everything I was able to read and watch on television had been.  I am so glad I was not one of the Sheeple who were fleeced during this fiasco!

I quickly abandoned Main Steam Media News because I soon realized, these people have no idea what they are talking about!!  No BIG Surprise there!!  But when I departed from MSM information, I found the Internet was a Jungle with a lot of people who enjoyed listening to themselves talk.  I eventually settled on a very select group that I still visit and follow today!

They will be listed shortly.  Some, you might be familiar with while others, I hope you will also eventually follow…others I have yet to discover.  Research and information sources should always be a work in progress as you need to do your homework to make the best, most informed decision possible.  This is but a sideline for me and holds more interest with me than my real job I pay the bills with.  It is a very passionate hobby that I willingly donate many hours to everyday!